"I always dreamed of painting every woman's body like a canvas"


the story

Katia Serafini was born on June 7, 1971 in Castiglione del Lago (Perugia), working mum and daddy railway. As a child, she has great interest in the fashion world and in particular in quality knitwear, perhaps due to the work of her mother, a worker in the industry who often finds herself working at home at night time.
At 14, Katia decides to continue studying in Perugia in the medieval artistic high school which was hosted at the time in the former Convent of St. Francis to the Prato living with the Academy of Fine Arts. Every morning for five years she wakes up at dawn to be On time with the public transport necessary to reach Perugia while often in free time visiting Florence city that will not only influence its ideas and vision.
She graduated in 1990 when she knows her husband, Stefano Spaccini, who will push Katia to express her dreams better by helping her in the brand's growth path that today stands out for the world's finest quality and extreme care.

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